Computer Backup Fact Sheet

Protect your critical data with simple, affordable computer backup that provides remote access, data protection and recovery for key business data.

Complete protection for your important business data

Your office computers are key productivity tools, but they are at risk if not fully protected from data loss. Unfortunately, incomplete protection is today’s business reality – most office backup systems are used only intermittently, if at all. Without regular backup, all your data is at risk from hard disk crashes, natural disasters, theft and other catastrophes.

Reliability, affordability and simplicity

Help is at hand with TELUS Computer Backup service, an Internet-based backup and retrieval solution that works for all your computers. Unlike traditional methods such as external USB backup drives and rewritable CD/DVDs, TELUS Computer Backup does not require user intervention. Our solution automatically backs up your data from any computer at the frequency you specify. You can access the service any time, from any location – office, home or on the road. You simply log in, point and click. It’s that easy.

The best protection for your business

TELUS Computer Backup eliminates the possibility of lost data and lost productivity. You can automate the backup process, which makes it easy for users and promotes full compliance with backup policies. Our service maintains a complete snapshot of the computer, so data can be restored in case of a hard disk crash, loss or theft.

TELUS Computer Backup helps your organization maintain productivity by:

Protecting mobile data
Automatic backups are vital to protecting your data from viruses, hackers, hard-drive crashes, power failures, accidental deletions, theft and user errors. Traditional methods like external USB backup drives and rewritable CD/DVDs don’t fully protect you from data loss as they are manual and your data is usually left at your place of business. TELUS Computer Backup saves your files on a remote server.

Ensuring complete access to your data
You can access all your files from any computer anywhere, using only a Web browser and Internet connection.

Reducing costs

Traditional methods are not easy to use, nor are they economical. With TELUS Computer Backup you do not have to purchase storage media for your backups. Our monthly subscription model means that costs are predictable and controlled.

Resolving problems quickly

Users and IT personnel can quickly repair any computer software problem, such as damaged or corrupted configurations and applications.

Enhancing data security
Before leaving your computer, your data is AES encrypted – an advanced encryption standard used by many banks.

Ensuring a sharper focus on your core business
Because TELUS Computer Backup automates the backup process; your organization is freed from dealing with day-to-day backups so you can focus on your core business.

TELUS Computer Backup Features

Auto Scheduler

Automatically takes a snapshot of your computer whenever you’re connected to the Internet, removing the burden of manual backups. Backups run silently and in the background while you’re doing something else.

Lets you use any Web browser to access files. You could be at a customer’s office, on your home computer or on a device on the road.

Delta Block file comparison technology

Backs up only the portions of each file that have changed, rather than the whole file. This reduces the time the backup takes.

Send Once
Increases the speed of operation and reduces network load by storing only a single copy of files (e.g., operating system, application and data files) that are common to multiple users.

Hands-Free Install
Lets administrators install a large number of client agents without user intervention. Hands-Free Install works independently and together with software distribution tools from vendors such as Tivoli, Computer Associates and Microsoft®.

Built-in version control
Allows you to retrieve your last nine file versions.

Easy to use

The first time you access the service through an easy-to-install client application and Internet connection, TELUS Computer Backup performs a full backup of files pre-selected by the user or administrator.

You can then set the service to perform backups automatically or manually. Subsequent backups simply update the files that have changed. It takes only a few minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. When you need to access backed-up data files, you launch the client application and find the files you need.

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