Monitor usage with real time notifications and manage data spend with TELUS’ Data Manager

With real-time notifications, optional data blocks and customizable notification thresholds, Data Manager helps organizations control data usage and save on overage.


Monitoring and regulating your data usage just got easier

Managing mobility costs is important to your bottom line. TELUS’ Data Manager helps you control your wireless data usage and save on overage charges.

Data Manager also lets account administrators set usage limits for employees using mobile data in Canada and while travelling. TELUS sends instant notifications when limits have been reached and empowers account administrators to block further data usage to avoid overage charges.

To access Data Manager, log in to your TELUS account. If you don't have a TELUS account, you will need to register. Depending on your type of account, you may see different account management options when you log in.

Changes to data notifications are coming December 1, 2017. Find out more here.

Data Notifications and Blocks

Data Notifications

Clear and simple real-time notifications help keep you informed about your wireless data usage.

Data notifications are automatically enabled for you and your employees using mobile data in Canada and while travelling. You can set 50%, 75%, 90%, and 100% notification levels for Canada or U.S./International data use.

Notifications can specify the:

  • % of data used within your data allotment
  • Remaining data in MB and the end date of your current bill cycle
  • Pay-Per-Use rate and dollar amount of any incurred overage charges

Account administrators can customize the data notification and block settings via Data Manager by logging into your  TELUS account. Account subscribers/members will only be able to view their notification settings and data usage after logging into their TELUS account.

Recurring notifications and blocks

With recurring notifications, TELUS notifies you of the data usage charges incurred at preset thresholds. You can set different notification levels for Canada or U.S./International data use.

By default, data notifications are set at $50 and $100. Thereafter, recurring notifications start at every $200 usage increment. (e.g. $50, $100, $300, $500).

In addition to changing the above default settings, Account Administrators can also set recurring blocks for their employees via Data Manager 

Notifications for SharePlus Plan users

All users of a SharePlus Plan will be notified once the group has collectively used a percentage of the data included in their shared plan.

Individual users can log into their TELUS account to see their own usage, but they will not be able to view the usage of other SharePlus Plan members.

Account administrators will be able to see the data usage for all SharePlus Plan users and make changes to the account’s notification settings, if needed.

Customizing your notifications

All smartphone data usage notifications are sent via SMS, but you can also choose to be notified by email. If you use a mobile Internet key, you’ll receive data notifications in your connection manager. If you use a tablet, you can choose to receive notifications by email.

In addition to specifying the way you receive your notifications, Data Manager allows you to change the default notification thresholds to best suit your business needs.

Opting out

Data usage notifications are free of charge and will be sent automatically. If notifications are not required, you can opt out via Data Manager.

Please note that opting out of notifications means that the account administrator and mobile users:

  • Will no longer receive data notifications
  • Will no longer be alerted when they enter another country
  • Will not be notified of pay-per-use rates associated with roaming

Blocked users

To prevent unwanted data charges, business users are blocked then they have incurred $50 in overage charges for Canada-wide data usage and $100 in overage charges for U.S. and International data usage.

A data overage block protects you from incurring extra unwanted charges. The automatic block is applicable to small businesses covered by the CRTC Wireless Code of Conduct.

Read more about  TELUS automatic data blocks.

Changes to data notifications are coming December 1, 2017. Find out more here.

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