Activating user extensions

This article will guide you on how to activate a user extension.

NOTE: On the Legacy system, when the administrator creates the extension, they will be required to provide the password together with the extension user's information before clicking on Continue.

On the new user interface, the administrator will not be given an option to create the extension user's password.

Extension users can now create their own password, security question and answer and setup the rules by activating their extensions through the activation email sent by their account administrators.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Log in to your email account (the email account provided on the extension information).

Step 2:
Click the link on the RingCentral Activation Email.

Step 3:
The activation link will open the webpage on your browser where you can create you Password, PIN and Security Question.

NOTE: Your new alphanumeric password needs to have least one (1) letter, number, special character, and 8-32characters long. You can also create a PIN to use as accesss to your account from a phone. It should be 6-10numbers.

Step 4:
You will see a confirmation that your user extension has been activated.

Step 5:
You will be prompted to continue with the Express Setup. The Express Setup will allow you to review your extension information, setup the way how you get your calls, and customize your recordings.

NOTE: When you continue with the Express Setup, the Setup Wizard will guide you in configuring the settings of your extension. Once finished, you will see the confirmation page that you have completed the Express Setup.

You have now activated user extensions.

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