How to Use Computer Backup

Computer Backup is simple to install and backs up your important files quickly and securely. Access your files online from anywhere.

The first time you access the service through an easy-to-install client application and an Internet connection, TELUS Computer Backup performs a full backup on the files you or your IT administrator choose.

After Computer Backup is installed and configured, you can set it to backup your computer automatically or manually. Subsequent backups simply update the files that have changed.

Delta Block file comparison technology backs up only the changed portions of each file rather than the whole file, which makes your backups speedy and efficient. 128-bit AES state-of-the-art encryption keeps your files safe while they’re in online storage.

When you need to access your backed up files, simply launch the client application on your computer and find the files you need. With TELUS Computer Backup's iRoam feature, you can also use any web browser, making it possible to access your files from any device with an Internet connection.

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