Listening to voicemail messages

You will be able to tell if you have a new voicemail message in one of two ways:

  • You lift your phone handset and hear a series of short dial tones, or Your messages waiting light comes on (if your phone supports this feature)

To listen to a message:

  • Access your voicemail If your messages are not set to autoplay, press “1” to listen to your new message

There are further message playback controls available to you (used during message playback or after a message has finished playing). To see this full list, please refer to the Business Voicemail User Guide.

Helpful tips:

  • Your voicemail number is the same as your 10 digit phone number (area code + phone number)
  • Useful Keys:
    • “#“ will confirm an entry or skip to next option (example: to confirm your password, press #)
    • “*” will bring you back one step
    • “**” will bring you back to the main menu 1
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