Managing your voicemail greetings

From your voicemail’s main menu, press “3” to enter the voicemail greetings menu. From this menu, you can set, record, and manage the greetings others hear when they call you by using the following commands:

Command Function
1 Manage your main greeting
2 Manage your busy greeting
3 Manage your holiday greeting
4 Manage your extended absence greeting
5 Manage your greeting schedule
* Cancel/back

There are advanced mailbox options available as well. Please refer to the Business Voicemail User Guide for details.

Helpful tips:

  • Your voicemail number is the same as your 10 digit phone number (area code + phone number)
  • Useful Keys:
    • “#“ will confirm an entry or skip to next option (example: to confirm your password, press #)
    • “*” will bring you back one step
    • “**” will bring you back to the main menu 1
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