Managing your Auto Attendant service

This page relates to clients using the Auto Attendant service based on the Movius Café platform.

To access your Auto Attendant Menu:

  • If you are calling from a line already equipped with a voice mailbox, dial 1-844-310-9898 to access the voice mail system. Otherwise, dial 310-9898.
  • If required, chose 1 to continue in French or 2 for English.
  • Enter your Auto Attendant Application Number (i.e.: Mailbox number) using format xxx-xxx-xxxx-yyy (see Greetings).
  • As soon as you hear the welcome message, press * (star) then # (pound).
  • Enter your password followed by # (pound).

To record your Auto Attendant greetings

  • To manage greetings, press 3.
  • To listen to the current greeting message, press 1.
  • To record a new greeting message, press 2.
    • Begin recording at the tone. When you are finished, press # (pound); The recording will be automatically played back to you.
    • To hear the greeting message again, press 1.
    • To record a new greeting message over this one, press 2.
    • To return to the main menu, press * (star).

To change key press destinations

  • To manage destination numbers, press 7 8.
    • Press the key of the phone number you wish to change. The currently assigned number will be played back to you.
    • Enter the new phone number followed by # (pound), or press * (star) to cancel. The newly assigned number will be played back to you.
    • To return to the main menu, press * (star) twice.

To exit your Auto Attendant application

  • Press * (star) twice until you hear « Thank you for calling. Goodbye. ». This saves time in the system and allows greater system availability for all users, as hanging up does not terminate your mailbox session immediately.
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