How To Use Call Return

Find out the last number that called your line and return the call automatically, or be notified when a busy line is free with Busy Call Return.

TELUS Call Return – How It Works

TELUS Call Return service is an excellent tool for any small business. Find out the last number that called your line and return the call automatically, or have TELUS notify you when a busy line is free with Busy Call Return. All Call Return features are already available with your service at no extra charge.

Call Return (*69) tells you the number of the last incoming call

  1. Dial *69 and a message will indicate the number of the last incoming call whether you answered it or not.
  2. Press 9 to have the number repeated.
  3. Press 1 if you want to return the call.
  4. Dial *89 to cancel your *69 request to return the call.
  5. If the line is busy, Call Return will automatically monitor the line for 30 minutes and will notify you with a distinctive ring when it is free.

Busy Call Return (*66) monitors a busy line for you

When you place a call and the line is busy, you can let TELUS monitor the busy line for you for up to 30 minutes and notify you when the line is available.

Upon reaching a busy line:

  1. Hang up, then pick up the handset and dial *66, or upon reaching the recording “This number is busy…”, press * and an announcement will confirm that the line will be monitored. Hang up.
  2. When the line is free, two short rings and one long ring will indicate that the call is about to go through. Pick up the handset during the ringing cycle and your call will be connected.
  3. Dial *86 to cancel your *66 Busy Call Return request.

Using the phone when Busy Call Return is activated

When you are using Busy Call Return, you can still receive and place other calls because a distinctive ring (short, short, long) will let you know when the busy number is available. However, the notification ring can only be heard when you are not on the phone.

Call Waiting calls and Call Return

Call Return (*69) can be used to find out the number of the last Call Waiting call when your first call is too important to be interrupted.

Numbers Busy Call Return will not work with

It will not work with numbers beginning with 280, university registration lines, some cellular numbers and very busy commercial lines.

Fax machines, modems, auto-dialers and Busy Call Return

Some of these devices do not recognize the Busy Call Return recording. You may choose to disable the prompt as follows:

  1. To turn off for one call: Press *03
  2. To turn off for all calls: Press *02
  3. To reinstate the prompt: Press *04 or *02 (depending upon your location
  4. Go back to the TELUS Call Return home page.
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