How To use TELUS Call Forwarding Variable

TELUS Call Forwarding Variable lets you choose where you want your calls forwarded each time you turn on the service.

How to Use TELUS Call Forwarding Variable

To Activate:

  1. Press *72, listen for three beeps and then a dial tone.
  2. Dial the number you want your calls forwarded to. If the phone is answered, Call Forwarding is activated. If the number rings busy or goes unanswered, hang up and repeat the activation process within two minutes. You will hear an intermittent dial tone that confirms that Call Forwarding is activated.

To Deactivate:

  1. Press *73.
  2. You will hear 2 beeps. Hang up the phone and Call Forwarding is deactivated

*Some customers from BC may be required to use 72# to Activate and 73# to Deactivate if the * codes do not work.

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