Choose one of the following topics to learn how to solve most common issues

  1. Google Maps takes too long to download satellite information
  2. I am getting a HTTP 403 error, why, what is it?
  3. I am getting SOS or Emergency Calls Only on my smartphone
  1. I can't browse the Web

I can't place or receive calls

  1. I can't place or receive calls while travelling outside Canada
  2. I can't send or receive email
  3. I can't send or receive email while travelling outside Canada
  4. I can't send or receive text messages
  5. I have forgotten my voice mail password
  6. I inserted the SIM card into my smartphone but nothing happens
  7. My battery drains quickly
  8. My smartphone can't connect to a Wi-Fi network
  9. My smartphone can't establish a 4G LTE network connection
  10. My smartphone doesn't respond as quickly as it used to


My smartphone is 4G LTE-capable but my data transfer speeds have not improved

Web browser is taking too long to download

abd sometimes the bloding and bulleting is difficult to manage




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