Voicemail Mailbox Setup

Family/Extension Mailbox Set-up

Create your extension(s):

  1. Set up your main mailbox as instructed in “First time voicemail setup”.
  2. Then, create the extension(s) you require. This must be done via the Web.

a. Go to
b. Login using your main mailbox passcode.
c. Go to Profile, Voicemail, Family Mailbox
d. Select Add to create 1, 2 or 3 extension mailboxes
e. Enter a unique temporary Web and Voicemail passcodes for each extension and provide the passcodes to each extension user.

Set-up each extension:

Now each extension user must access their voicemail from the phone to set it up. To access an extension mailbox, either:

  • Dial *98
  • Enter the temporary password (provided by the Main mailbox user. If no passcode was entered by Main mailbox user, then default is your 10 digit mailbox number+ the extension number


  • Dial the toll free number 310-9899
  • Enter the 10 digit phone number+ extension number
  • Enter the extension password
  • Follow the steps in “First time voicemail setup” above to create your permanent password, record your name and personal greeting for each extension.

Combined Voicemail

Two phone numbers using the same mailbox

  • For initial mailbox set-up, follow the steps in “First time voicemail setup”.
  • All settings such as greetings, recorded name, schedules and notifications will apply to both the Primary and Secondary numbers automatically
  • You can choose to record a single unique greeting for your second number
    • If you choose this option, then all other greetings options and settings would no longer apply to the second number.
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