Centrex Business Phone Systems Terms of Service

Terms of Service Governing Use of Centrex Business Phone Systems

These Service Terms and the TELUS Local Telephone Service Terms apply to your use of the Centrex Service.

Service Description

Centrex Service is a hosted and managed voice communications service that emulates key and PABX system operation through switching hardware and software at a TELUS Central Office, and local access facilities extending from the TELUS Central Office to the customer location.

Service Features

Centrex Service consists of the following:

  • Centrex Access Line(s);
  • One bi-directional PSTN access for each Centrex line;
  • Toll-free calling for calls placed to the PSTN within the Extended Area Service boundaries of the Exchange Area in which the Centrex line terminates;
  • One white pages directory listing per customer group;
  • Access to 9-1-1 Service
  • Access to 611 Service provided by TELUS
  • Access to Message Relay Service

A Centrex Access Line consists of a local access loop from the demarcation point on the Customer's premises to a TELUS switching office and includes:

  • One telephone number (Primary Directory Number (PDN)) for each Centrex Line subscription from the switch on which the line is terminated;The Centrex Standard Features;
  • Access to, on an optional basis, Centrex Voice Messaging (CVM) Service; and all other Optional Centrex Features.

A Centrex Access line may be a Provincial Centrex Service Line or a Centrex Multiline Service Line.

Conditions of Service

1.If a dial tone is requested out of a Central Office other than the one that normally services the customer location, the conditions and rates for Analog Private Line will also apply.

2.The provisioning of facilities for extensions to single line sets, or the provisioning of access facilities to extend ringing to a telephone number at a different location than the one to which the number normally terminates, shall be subject to the TELUS rates and conditions for Analog Private Line Service.

3.To qualify for subscription to any Centrex chargeable or non-chargeable Centrex feature, a minimum of one (1) Centrex line must also be subscribed to for the same Customer service location at which the specific Centrex Optional Feature is desired, for as long as the Optional Feature subscription occurs.

4.The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Centrex station equipment is appropriately equipped and configured for Centrex Service.

5.Where the length and makeup of the local access loop approaches or exceeds the limits specified for certain Centrex terminal equipment, no guarantee of proper Centrex service functioning is provided.

6.TELUS may, at any time, limit the use of any services provided to a Customer in order to ensure that fair and proportionate use is available to all Customers.

7.Feature operations may vary due to switch manufacturer hardware and software design.

8.When Multiline Devices are connected to Centrex Lines, the Centrex Multiline rates will be charged against all lines that are connected to this equipment.

9.The Rate Band to which a Centex Line is assigned is determined by the TELUS exchange on which the line terminates. Rate Bands for forborne TELUS exchanges are described here.

Standard Feature Conditions

Direct Inward System Access
A maximum of one DISA authorization code is provided for each Centrex line subscription paid.

Name and Number Delivery

  • A Customer may request TELUS change the name that is displayed from its line, providing the Customer owns the alternate name and it uniquely identifies them. Alternately, Customers may request TELUS to substitute "private name" for display in place of their actual name or business name. The Company will substitute "private name", at any time upon request by the Customer, without charge.
  • Notwithstanding any other provisions of the TELUS Local Telephone Service Terms any unlisted telephone number from which a call originates is provided, as facilities permit, on a call-by-call basis to customers who subscribe to Call Display, and to TELUS for Call Trace.

PSTN Access

Except for Abbreviated Dialing on inter-customer group calls and for Packaged Centrex Service subscriptions, all calls to PSTN stations require a PSTN access code to be dialed.

Optional Feature Conditions

Centrex Voice Messaging (CVM) Service

  • Centrex Voice Messaging Service is only available to Customers with Touch Tone service.
  • The Outcall Notification Mailbox Feature provided under Centrex Voice Messaging Service may not be compatible with all types of paging receiver units.
  • Visual Message Waiting Indication of messages placed in a mailbox shall be provided to telephone sets equipped with message waiting lamps. Sets not so equipped will be provided with interrupted (stutter) dial tone as an indication of waiting messages.
  • Centrex Voice Messaging Service shall be available on a 24-hour daily basis, except during scheduled maintenance hours (between 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. local time). Service may be available during the maintenance hours; however, such service will not be guaranteed.
  • The Customer shall receive a busy signal in the event of an outage of the Centrex Voice Messaging Service, either planned or unplanned. The Customer shall receive a busy signal in the event that all access lines to the Centrex Voice Messaging Service system are occupied.
  • A Centrex CVM Service Customer assessing the TELUS CVM Service system from outside the Local Calling Area of its Mailbox shall be subject to the appropriate message toll rates. Calls placed to a Centrex CVM Service mailbox by a calling party from an Exchange Area outside of the Local Calling Area of the mailbox shall pay the appropriate message toll rates.
  • Standard Mailbox Customers utilizing Network Messaging or Non-Subscriber Messaging functionality shall be billed for messages within their free calling area and outside of their free calling area on a per-use basis, when allowable limits are exceeded. Message blocking will be available upon request, at no charge.
  • Successful delivery of Non-Subscriber Messaging messages is not assured.
  • Combined Voice Mail shall be provided for TELUS's Centrex Service and TELUS's Mobility Services only.

A Standard Mailbox shall have the following maximum capacity:

Standard Mailbox CharacteristicStandard Mailbox Capacity

  • Greeting Length - 60 seconds
  • Message Storage - 50 messages
  • Message Length - 5 minutes
  • Number of Future Delivery Messages - 15
  • Storage Period - new messages - 21 days
  • Storage Period - saved messages - 30 days
  • Number of Distribution Lists - 15
  • Number of Members in a Distribution List - 25

Alternate Number Delivery

A Centrex Customer may have an alternate telephone number transmitted in lieu of the originating number, provided that the alternate number belongs to the Customer making the request for Alternate Number Delivery.

Audio Input on Hold (AIOH) Port

  • AIOH Ports are available only on host switches (not available on remotes).
  • The Customer is responsible for the audio source to which the AIOH Port will be connected.
  • An AIOH Port Customer must also subscribe to a private line circuit to connect the audio source to the AIOH port on the Centrex switch. Applicable TELUS private line charges will apply.
  • Subscription to one Custom Music AIOH port provides for only 12 simultaneous connects to the music source. If additional connections are required, an extra charge per connection is applicable.

Automatic Call Blocking

Automatic Blocking shall be available to all Customers at a charge. Automatic Blocking will be offered at no monthly charge only to the following customers:

  • Shelters for victims of domestic violence,
  • Crisis centers,
  • Customers identifying themselves as victims or potential victims of violence,
  • Law enforcement agencies and
  • Community health clinics

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Service

ACD Group

  • All lines used in the provision of ACD Service shall be charged at the Centrex line rate.
  • ACD Group queue size cannot be greater than twice the number of ACD Agents.

ACD Service Bureau

  • To subscribe to ACD Service Bureau, the Customer must also subscribe to ACD Group for as long as subscription to ACD Service Bureau is maintained. The ACD Agent charge is in addition to the per agent ACD Service Bureau charge.
  • The charge for ACD Service Bureau is based on the number of agents for which the ACD reports are produced.
  • TELUS does not guarantee the receipt of reports by the customer, and an additional charge will be applicable based on Time and Charges if resending is required.
  • The customer is responsible for providing either a fax machine or a PC and a dial up line to receive ACD Service Bureau report information via fax.
  • Service Bureau reports can be made available for multiple ACD groups in one or more Customer Groups on a single switch for a single customer. Service Bureau reports for a single customer with ACD Groups on different switches require a separate Service Bureau charge for each switch.

ACD Service Bureau RTA (Remote Terminal Access)

  • To subscribe to ACD Service Bureau RTA, the Customer must also subscribe to ACD group and a 4-wire private line data facility between the Customer provided personal computer and the ACD Service Bureau location. The ACD Agent charge is in addition to the per agent ACD Service Bureau RTA charge.
  • The Customer must provide an appropriate personal computer and personal computer upgrades to be compatible with ACD Service Bureau RTA software.
  • The charge for ACD Service Bureau RTA is based on the total number of ACD agents in all ACD Groups in a single TELUS switch.

ACD MIS Data Port

  • To subscribe to ACD MIS Data Port, the Customer must also subscribe to ACD Group, a 4-wire private line data facility from the customer's premises to TELUS's switch location, and a Centrex line from the customer's premises to TELUS's switch location for remote maintenance access purposes.
  • The Customer must provide its own Perimeter system (or equivalent) and VU-ACD/100 MIS software (or equivalent) capable of interfacing with TELUS's ACD switch, a 4 wire private line data modem, and a two wire 9600 baud modem for the maintenance line.

Call Again

A Call Again feature cannot be activated when the called party's line is:

  • Call Forwarded,
  • Within a trunk group, or
  • Within a Rotary Service

Call Again service is only available in Alberta.

Call Display

  • Display on Centrex terminal equipment of the calling party's number and name (where applicable) shall occur after the first ring and before the call is answered. Display is provided only where appropriate network and network signaling facilities exist, and where the calling party's name or telephone number has not been blocked. Calls that are blocked will be displayed as "private" or "private name, private number".
  • The Customer must identify each line to be equipped with the Call Display.
  • Customers who subscribe to Call Display shall be provided at their own cost a telephone capable of displaying incoming call information.
  • The called party's name will not be displayed on the caller's Centrex telephone set.

Call Forwarding - Remote Activation

Subscription to Call Forwarding - Remote Activation also requires subscription to Centrex Remote Feature Access Port.

Call Return

The Call Return feature cannot be activated when the incoming call is originating from:

  • A line that is call forwarded,
  • A trunk group,
  • A line or trunk with Rotary Service, or
  • A line or trunk that has Call Blocking activated

Call Return is available only in Alberta.

Call Trace

  • Notwithstanding any other provisions of the TELUS Local Telephone Service Terms any unlisted telephone number from which a call originates is provided, as facilities permit, on a call-by-call basis to the Company for Call Trace.
  • Call Trace capability shall be provided automatically on all Centrex lines, and enabled upon the activation of Call Trace by Centrex Customers. The results of a Call Trace are provided to the TELUS Security Office, and the Customer shall be instructed to contact the local law enforcement agency.
  • A Customer receiving an incoming call to his or her telephone number can activate the Call Trace feature, even if the display of the calling party's number and name has been blocked.
  • No service charge, activation charge or monthly rate applies to Call Trace.

Digital Recorded Announcement Machine (DRAM)

  • Access to DRAM recordings is subject to the availability of suitable facilities.
  • Access to DRAM recordings is provided at a P.01 grade of service. TELUS reserves the right to limit access to this service level.
  • A DRAM Message is limited to a maximum of 17 seconds of recording time.
  • Each DRAM Card is limited to 4 messages and 31 seconds.

This feature is only available in British Columbia.

Centrex Dynamic Change (CDC)

  • Centrex Dynamic Change shall be available only to Customers served by Central Offices equipped with the CDC Software.
  • The Customer shall provide, at its own expense, the terminal, modem and access line required for the CDC feature.
  • In using the CDC feature, the Customer shall be responsible, and accountable, for the data integrity of its Centrex service. In the event the Customer requests TELUS to rectify data inaccuracies attributable to the Customer's own actions, the Customer shall pay TELUS for the remedial work involved, at the applicable rates and charges.
  • The CDC feature shall be available to Customers on a 24-hour basis, except during periodic switch maintenance intervals.
  • The Customer shall notify TELUS prior to, or immediately upon, Customer initiated changes that affect the current relationship between telephone number and physical location of the set. TELUS will not be liable for damages arising from the Customer's failure to fulfill its obligations as stated here, including damages arising directly or indirectly from claims relating to the provision of the Company's Provincial E911 Service and similar services or any similar service provided by TELUS. The Customer shall defend and indemnify TELUS from all damages, losses, and expenses, and from any and all claims, law suits or actions brought by any person arising from the Customer's failure to fulfill its obligations as stated here.

E-Line Card Message Waiting Indication

  • Line charges are in addition to the charges for Centrex E-Line Card Message Waiting Indication.
  • This option is applicable to any telephone sets that cannot activate a message waiting light using CMS software.
  • This option is not available for new line installations in British Columbia.

Electronic Transfer of SMDR (ET/SMDR) Service

  • ET/SMDR is provided at the discretion of TELUS, subject to the availability of suitable facilities
  • The Customer must provide a suitable server for delivery of the SMDR information using secure FTP.
  • The Customer is responsible for converting the raw AMA formatted data into reports.

Extended Call Management (ECM)

  • TELUS shall pay for 4-wire private line data facilities between the Customer's premises and the ECM interface arrangement in the Company's host central office.
  • ECM rates include a port in the TELUS host central office for data facility connection.
  • To qualify for ECM Per Agent service, a minimum of 20 CTI Agents must be subscribed to.

Packaged Centrex Service

  • Access to the PSTN from a Packaged Centrex Service telephone set does not require a PSTN access code to be dialed.
  • Optional Features provided as part of Packaged Centrex Service shall be charged at Centrex rates.
  • Packaged Centrex Service is only available within British Columbia.

Seasonal Disconnect

  • Seasonal Disconnect service is only available to lines installed at non-contract rates.
  • A minimum of one-month rental will apply.
  • Centrex Seasonal Disconnect is available only in Alberta.

Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI)

  • SMDI service includes a data port on the TELUS switch, SMDI software, and a modem in the TELUS central office. The Customer shall pay for the data facilities required between the TELUS host central office SMDI port and the Customer owned Voice Messaging equipment.
  • SMDI shall be available only to Customers served by the TELUS host central office equipped with the SMDI software.

Simultaneous Ring (SimRing)

Subscription to Simultaneous Ring also requires subscription to Centrex Remote Feature Access Port.

Smart Ring

  • All billing associated with Centrex Smart Ring shall be to the Customer's Primary Directory Number.
  • The SMART Ring Customer cannot choose which distinctive ring to apply against its Primary and Alternate Directory Numbers.
  • If the SMART Ring Customer has a listed Primary Directory Number, the Alternate Directory Numbers may be non-published or non-listed. If the Primary Directory Number is non-published or non-listed, the secondary number must be non-published or non-listed.
  • SMART Ring Customers who wish to have both directory numbers either non-listed or non-published shall pay the TELUS Directory rates and charges for the non-listed telephone number or the non-published telephone number.
  • Centrex Smart Ring is available only in Alberta.

Telephone Number Reservation

  • Customers requesting a reservation of less than 10 telephone numbers may be provided with numbers that are not sequential.
  • TELUS may not be able to provide specific numbers or banks of numbers requested by a Customer, and will offer alternatives for Customer selection.
  • Customers requesting a reservation of more than 10 telephone numbers will be provided with blocks of 10 telephone numbers that include the 10 numbers requested or reserved. The blocks may not be sequential, and each number in the block will be chargeable at the rates specified.

Trunk Terminations

  • Trunk Terminations do not include CCS7 signaling functionality.
  • All Trunk Terminations are provided at the TELUS host central offices.
  • The facility to which the analog or digital Trunk Termination is connected is not included in the monthly rate for Trunk Terminations.
  • A digital Trunk Termination cannot be provided at less than a DS1 level, and shall be priced at 24 times the price of a DS0 termination.
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