Sierra Wireless Aircard - Get no device connected errors

If your computer does not detect your mobile Internet key, or Sierra Wireless Aircard Watcher displays "No device detected", try the following.

Check the USB ports on your computer

  • Check that the USB ports on your computer work by using another USB device.
  • Check that the LED lights up on your mobile Internet key when you insert it in a USB port.
  • Use a different USB port.

Check profile settings

Your profile settings may be incorrect or incomplete. To check these settings, try the following.


To verify your existing profile settings, do the following.

  1. From the Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher, click the Options icon.
  2. Click Profiles.
  3. From the left pane, click TELUS ISP.
  4. NOTE: If you don't see this listed, you will need to create a new profile. Skip to step 8.
  5. In the left pane, click General listed below TELUS ISP.
  6. From the Model list, select GSM.
  7. Ensure that the APN (Access Point Name) field displays
    NOTE: If TELUS ISP is not listed, or the APN is not correct, you will need to create a new profile. To create a new profile, do the following.
  8. Click the Add new profile icon, located in the lower left corner of the window.
  9. Click WWAN profile.
  10. In the right pane, complete the listed fields as follows:
  11. Profile name: Click Custom and type any name which will allow you to identify this connection.
  12. APN (AccessPoint Name):
  13. Connection type: Select Manual connect from the list.
  14. Click Apply.
  15. Click Default profile and select the profile name you just created.
  16. Click Apply.
  17. Click OK.
  18. Restart your computer.
  19. Launch Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher.
  20. TELUS displays in the Watcher window.

Mac OS X

From the taskbar, click the Apple icon.

  1. Click System Preferences...
  2. Click Network.
    NOTE: If the New Interfaces Detected window appears, click OK.
  3. Click AirCard 319U.
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. From the Model list, select GSM.
  6. Correct the APN field so it displays
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click the Applications folder.
  9. Click Sierra Wireless.
  10. Click AirCard Watcher and drag it to the Apple dock.
  11. From the dock, click AirCard Watcher.
  12. TELUS displays in the Watcher window.

Check SIM card

If you have inserted a SIM card into your device and it doesn’t work, try the following.

Check brand

Check that your SIM card is a TELUS brand SIM card.

  • Your SIM card is a TELUS brand SIM card if:
  • You purchased it from a TELUS store.
  • It says TELUS on the back of the card.

Make sure that your SIM card is inserted properly

Your SIM card may not be inserted properly.

CAUTION: Don’t remove the SIM card when it is in use. You may damage the card, and the data stored on the card may be corrupted.

  1. Remove the mobile Internet key from the USB port on your computer.
  2. Remove the black cover on the bottom side of the mobile Internet key .
  3. Insert the SIM card into the card slot in the direction indicated. Make sure that the beveled edge of the card is aligned with the card slot.
  4. Replace the back cover and slide it into place.
  5. Your SIM card is inserted properly.

Check for damage

Check that your SIM card is not damaged or rusted.

Check that your SIM card has been activated

To check whether your SIM card has been activated by TELUS visit a Product Care Centre.

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