Sierra Wireless Aircard - Web browser takes too long to download

There could be a number of reasons why you can’t browse the web. To resolve the issue, try the following.

Check signal strength

Your present location may have weak network coverage.

  • Make sure you have at least two bars of signal strength with 3G in the network indicator.
  • If you have low signal strength, move to a location with better coverage. Concrete and steel buildings may be hindering reception, especially in elevators and underground locations like basements, subways, and tunnels.

Check Coverage Maps

Check our network maps to be sure that you’re in an area with coverage.

Disable other internet connections

Make sure to disable other sources of internet connectivity while using your mobile Internet key. Try the following.

  1. Disable Wi-Fi™. Because your system has to handle two active connections, the connection may become slow.
  2. Wait ten seconds.
  3. Disable other Local Area Network connections. This occurs if you insert your laptop into a docking station that has an active Ethernet port while your mobile Internet key is still active and connected.
  4. Your phone is restarted.
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