Troubleshooting Your Call Display

TELUS Call Display Troubleshooting

Calling Number Out of Service

This can happen when long distance callers use certain long distance carriers. These carriers route calls through a variety of systems and boxes and, as a result, the number that pops up on your screen is not the correct number. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about this. If the long distance call is dialed directly, it will be displayed correctly.

Private or Anonymous Number

The caller has used Per Call Blocking or Automatic Blocking to block the display of their name and number.

Out Of Area

Out of Area The region your caller is dialing from may not support Call Display service.


The phone service your caller is using or the area they are calling from does not support Call Display service.

Private Name with Number Displayed

The caller may have an unpublished number or may have requested the blocking of their name.

Province Name with Number Displayed

The caller’s phone number does not have a name associated with it (e.g. wireless phone numbers). For Alberta customers, please see Call Display changes happening in October 2013 HERE.

Troubleshooting Your Device if Call Display Isn’t Working

Try the steps below to troubleshoot Call Display if it isn’t displaying properly on your phone or device.

  1. Make sure the power adapter is securely plugged into the back of the telephone or device and securely plugged into an electrical outlet that you know is working.
  2. Try unplugging and re-plugging the power adapter into both the display device and the electrical outlet.
  3. If your device or phone requires batteries, try replacing them.
  4. Remove any additional equipment you may have attached to your device or phone, such as an answering machine or another telephone set.
  5. Plug the device or phone directly into the phone jack and a working electrical outlet.
  6. If it appears the problem is with the telephone or device, consider getting it checked at the place where it was purchased or contact TELUS for assistance

See How TELUS Call Display Works for more information on additional features available for Call Display, such as Anonymous Caller ID, Per Call Blocking, Automatic Blocking and Visual Call Waiting.

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